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Fern Ridge Landscaping & Eco-Consulting

Fern Ridge Landscaping and Eco-Consulting is building itself an international reputation for forward-thinking and sustainable landscaping.

Founded in 1997, the company specializes in quality design and construction; combining unmatched horticultural knowledge with an eye for techniques promoting innovative rainwater handling, habitat creation and biodiversity.

This unique skill set has led Fern Ridge to consult and design with and for not only local residents, but also universities and industry experts across North America. Its staff regularly attend professional conferences, publish articles on sustainable landscaping and consult with foreign experts, in an ongoing mission to remain at the cutting-edge of landscape design and installation.

Closer to home, Fern Ridge is firmly committed to putting its expertise to use in the community by educating on the use of native species and demonstrating the beauty of sustainable gardens. It was this dedication that brought the Make-A-Wish Foundation and HGTV's Carson Arthur to ask Fern Ridge to build a special garden for a young boy named Edward. From the Green Glade School garden to the Recycle the Rain public education series, Fern Ridge takes its role in the community seriously.

It is not very difficult to sell people on concepts like biodiversity and bioretention when the results are seamlessly, yet elegantly, integrated into the landscape. This twin ethos of beauty and sustainability makes Fern Ridge the favourite of conservation groups and homeowners alike - allowing the company to design and install landscapes which benefit the entire community.