Difference Between Loan Modification And Refinance

Home Affordable Refinance and Loan Modification. FHA loan modification is not the same as refinancing a mortgage. When a loan is modified, some of the original mortgage may be forgiven. You may need to renegotiate the terms of your existing loan or have the mortgage changed to lower payments, interest rates, or both.

What is the difference between a refinancing and a loan modification? A refinance involves a take-out of an existing loan. Essentially, a new loan replaces an old one. The terms can be the same, similar or completely different. Loans that are refinanced are typically closed-end, amortizing loans.

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Whether a loan modification will have a negative impact on your. or any debt to become delinquent will result in the account payments being.

 · Since refinancing creates a new mortgage loan, you have to pay mortgage-related expenses, such as an appraisal, a credit fee and other closing costs. Refinancing a mortgage loan is an expensive transaction. So think carefully before applying for a new mortgage.

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A loan modification is simply a homeowner asking the mortgage company to modify the current terms of their mortgage. Homeowners will ask a mortgage company to modify their mortgage because of being late on payments, variable interest rates, too high of monthly mortgage payments and etc.

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But half the loans on newly constructed homes in Fairwood. “I got the right person on the phone who could help me, and that was the difference,” he said. But the loan modification was not cheap.

But you can’t have a refinance without a purchase mortgage in the first place (because there would be nothing to refinance!). On paper, how can you tell purchase mortgages and refinances apart? Mainly, the difference is in the purpose of the two loans:

If you got a HARP refinance after that date, your loan is no longer eligible for a HAMP modification. If you were rejected the first time you applied for HAMP because you weren’t able to make your trial modification payments on time, you can’t reapply.

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